Is Storing Furniture Worth The Cost Or Should You Get Rid Of Them?

There are several reasons why you might decide to haul up your furniture in a storage unit.
Perhaps you are moving across states lines or relocating to a different country, and you need somewhere to store your furniture before figuring out to bring them to you. It also could be that you have recently downsized and all your old furniture cannot fit into your new apartment. Another possibility is inheriting furniture from a family member which you cannot immediately bring home.
All these are just a few of the reasons why you might find yourself in need of a furniture storage solution. It often means renting a self-storage unit for months or even years to accommodate your furniture. Make sure that the moving team should prepare and wrap your furniture items with pads, blankets and wraps to ensure they are safe for short or long term self storage. That brings us to our main topic, is storing furniture worth the cost or should you just get rid of them?

Some Legitimate Reasons To Rent Self-Storage Units For Your Furniture

The Self Storage Association estimates that by 2012 there were an estimated 49,000 storage facilities in the U.S. It does raise questions about consumerism because most people rent out these facilities for several months or even years. However, there will be moments when you will have a genuine need for self-storage spaces.

Moving Or Relocating

There is nothing as stressful as moving houses or even relocating to a new country. It involves shifting with pretty much everything you own, and sometimes there are time lapses between when you can move your belongings from one space to the other.
For instance, when moving to a new state for work, you might end up staying at a hotel before sorting out your living situation. The chances are that you have to give notice to your landlord about vacating your former house. It means that you have to move the items you left back home into a storage unit.


Circumstances might lead you to downsize by moving to a smaller house. Selling your furniture would make sense in such a situation, but perhaps you have a few valuable antics that you do not want to give up. A small storage unit can provide the solution you need to maintain ownership of your prized possessions.
It also might be that you are waiting to move to a larger space with time, and that is also a good enough reason to hold on to your furniture.

Safeguarding Valuable Assets

Some people collect antic pieces of furniture as strange as it might sound, and storing them in a secure location away from home makes sense. It also the best option if perhaps you deal with antics as a business, and can recoup the storage costs somehow.
Small businesses can also get a great deal of use from self-storage units to keep their excess furniture and overflowing paperwork in check.

When Storing Your Furniture Is A Terrible Investment

Sometimes storing furniture ends up being a money pit instead of a temporary solution or even recoverable investment. You can make an assessment and decide whether or not renting storage space is the best decision.

You Will Never Use The Stored Furniture

Moving, relocating, and downsizing/upgrading presents an opportunity to start afresh. If you do not have any emotional ties to your furniture or feel like you need a fresh start, then it is not practical to hold n to them. In such a case, you are better off selling the furniture, discard unusable items, or donate what you can to Goodwill.
The bottom line is to be sensible about what items you need to rent a storage space for and forego the idea altogether if necessary.

Long-Term Storage

Perhaps when starting out, you did have a legitimate reason to rent out a self-storage unit. After several months or even years, you still have items locked up in the space that you never visit. Maybe you drop by once in a while and can just never figure out what to do with all the stored items.
If you have such a predicament, it is time to put an end to the madness and stop dishing money out of your pockets. It makes sense to assess the stored items and figure out what to do with them in the long-run.


Anyone who has space where they can store anything they please has the potential to become a hoarder. Think of all the TV shows that document items auctioned off of storage units; most of the things found inside are usually nothing short of junk. It is a sad reality that some people end up spiralling down this route and paying to store items that they do not need at all.
It could help to have a friend, relative, or even professional help you declutter your storage unit. At the end of it, you might even discover that you do not need the space altogether.

Burning A Hole In Your Pockets

Just like renting an apartment, if you do not make payments to the storage unit the landlord/owner has the right to throw out or auction your items. Most offer a month-to-month contract, and if it is something you did not carefully plan for it may end up burning a hole in your pockets.
It does not make sense to hold on to things that you do not even use and pay to have them stored somewhere. If you cannot make the payments, then you should not hold on to the items.

The Take Home

Before going ahead to rent a storage unit, you should carefully consider whether it works as an investment or something that you should avoid. Within a few weeks of storing your furniture in one of these units, you should be able to figure out whether or not you will need them shortly. As tough a decision as it is, sometimes it just makes sense to let go of your furniture instead of having them go into storage.
However, if you absolutely must store furniture then consider getting rid of as many items as possible before renting a unit. It could make a difference by allowing you to take up a smaller space which equates to less money paid for the unit.

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